The Emperor's Harpsichord

The Emperor's Harpsichord: After the legacy of Diego de Pantoja is a unique proposal in the Spanish musicological scene, which brings together , the first Spanish ensemble to specialize in the research and interpretation of early Chinese music, as well as in the musical relationship between imperial China and the Western world; and Íliber Ensemble, a Baroque chamber group using period instruments and historical performance practice.

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Visit our youtube channel with all the videos of the programme "The Emperor's Harpsichord: After the legacy of Diego de Pantoja" of our China tour in a May-June 2018 in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the death of Diego de Pantoja (1571-1618) and the 45th anniv. of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain.

The Emperor's Harpsichord - 2018 Year of Diego de Pantoja  (Youtube | Youku)

The Emperor's Harpsichord in Shanghai (Youtube | Tencent)

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